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Rail Runners Layout Tour

Dale Rood and the MRR.TV crew visit their local Rail Runners Model Railroad Club to tour the layout and meet some of the club members.

Presenter: Dale Rood      

Passenger Train Collection

Dale Rood visits with Glenn Damerell of the Rail Runners Model Railroad Club to discuss his extensive collection of passenger trains.

Presenter: Dale Rood      

Complete and Fit Mooring Bollards

In this programme Nick shows us how to mount the Mooring Bollards to the layout.

Presenter: Nick Duxfield      

A Lock Keeper's Cottage : Episode 2

In this film Nick continues to demonstrate how to model a lock keepers cottage the perfect addition to your canal scenery.

Presenter: Nick Duxfield      

Building a Cottage 7: Tiles & Guttering

Join Nigel and Roy Hickman as he continues his building of the scratch-built model cottage, this time showing us how to make the tiles and guttering.

Presenter: Roy Hickman      Series

Why Join a Club?

What are the advantages of being in a model railroad club and should you consider joining one? Dale Rood discusses how enjoyable club activity can boost your hobby experience.

Presenter: Dale Rood      

Working on the Studio Layout

It's time to start working on our studio layout again, so Dale takes a moment to review what he has planned and how he will proceed.

Presenter: Dale Rood      

Building a Cottage 6: Floor & Roof Preparation

In the sixth episode, Roy shows Nigel how to place a floor in the cottage thus adding stability. He also shows how to prepare the roof for tiling.

Presenter: Roy Hickman      Series

Building a Cottage 3: Cutting the Basic Shape

Roy Hickman is back for the next stage of our series on building a model cottage, this time showing us how to mark out, cut, and assemble the basic shape of the cottage.

Presenter: Roy Hickman      Series

Building a Cottage 5: Doors, Windows & Curtains

Join Nigel and Roy Hickman as he continues to show us how to build our cottage from cereal boxes, this time demonstrating how to cut out the windows and doors.

Presenter: Roy Hickman      Series

Building a Cottage 4: Wall Coverings

In the fourth episode in this series on building a model cottage from scratch, Roy Hickman tells Nigel about the various kinds of wall covering materials that are available.

Presenter: Roy Hickman      Series

Trainfest : Episode 11

We caught up with Mike Lech at Trainfest and asked him to demonstrate his great new tool for cutting foam. Use this in your scenery projects.

Presenter: Mike Lech      

Building a Cottage 1: Roy's Model World

In the very first episode of this complete series on building a model cottage from start to finish, Nigel first visits with Roy Hickman of Roy's Model World and takes a look at some example models.

Presenter: Roy Hickman      Series

Building a Cottage 2: Construction Tools

In the next episode of this in-depth series on building a model cottage, dubbed "Ashdown Cottage," Roy and Nigel review the tools necessary for the construction of this project.

Presenter: Roy Hickman      Series

Photographing Your Model Railroads

Chris Nevard takes a moment to discuss photographing your model railroad layouts. He'll even demonstrate recreating favorite shots of real trains in your own models.

Presenter: Chris Nevard     

Airbrushing Techniques: Episode 7

After any spray painting or airbrushing session, cleaning your tools is an essential step. Here is another demonstration to keep you tools working safely and properly for future uses.

Presenter: Nigel Overington      Series

Trainfest : Episode 10

Doug Visthom from MRC stopped by the Model-Railroad.TV booth at Trainfest to show us a great new product called the Prodigy Express DCC.

Presenter: Ron Galloway      

A New Way to Lay Track: Episode 3

With the roofing paper road bed applied, it's time to get down to business and lay the track. The next step is ballasting, a topic that you can learn about right on Model-Railroad.TV.

Presenter: Dale Rood      

Making Trees with Dale: Episode 1

Dale is in the workshop, taking a look at different ways to make scale trees for your layouts. Join him in this how-to demonstration.

Presenter: Dale Rood      

N-Trak Modules: Finishing Up

Ken Borowski is back in the studio, wrapping up the series on building N-Trak modules. For more information, including spec sheet downloads, visit www.ntrak.org.

Presenter: Ken Borowski      

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