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Airbrushing Techniques: Episode 7

After any spray painting or airbrushing session, cleaning your tools is an essential step. Here is another demonstration to keep you tools working safely and properly for future uses.

Presenter: Nigel Overington      Series

A New Way to Lay Track: Episode 3

With the roofing paper road bed applied, it's time to get down to business and lay the track. The next step is ballasting, a topic that you can learn about right on Model-Railroad.TV.

Presenter: Dale Rood      

Making Trees with Dale: Episode 1

Dale is in the workshop, taking a look at different ways to make scale trees for your layouts. Join him in this how-to demonstration.

Presenter: Dale Rood      

N-Trak Modules: Finishing Up

Ken Borowski is back in the studio, wrapping up the series on building N-Trak modules. For more information, including spec sheet downloads, visit www.ntrak.org.

Presenter: Ken Borowski      

A New Way to Lay Track: Episode 2

Dale has trimmed the road bed pattern and is ready to lay it on the tabletop. Watch to learn his tips on banking the curve for the ultimate realism.

Presenter: Dale Rood      

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