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Making a Coal Load for your Wagon

Now you see it, now you don't! In this programme Elliott shows us how to make a ingenious removable Coal Load for his wagon.

Presenter: Elliott Cowton      

Building a Pipe Load for a Wagon

In this programme Elliott shows us how to measure up pipes to fit in a Parkside Dundas Wagon, plus a few demon tweeks to aid your creation.

Presenter: Elliott Cowton      

Introduction to Kit Building

Elliott Cowton discusses why we build kits and some of the things you need to know before you start.

Presenter: Elliott Cowton      

Looking in Elliott's Toolbox

In this programme Elliott gives us a tour around his toolbox, showing what he uses on a day to day basis.

Presenter: Elliott Cowton      

Getting to know your Wagons

In this programme Elliott talks us through the various types of wagons and their distinguishing features.

Presenter: Elliott Cowton      

A Tour Around Catcott Burtle

Elliott Cowton talks to Chris Nevard about the impressive Catcott Burtle, and Chris reveals some of the secrets behind this amazing layout.

Presenter: Elliott Cowton      

Building a Dapol Mineral Wagon

In this programme Elliott shows us how to build a Dapol Mineral Wagon complete with handy hints and tips for building rolling stock.

Presenter: Elliott Cowton      

A Tale of Two Layouts

Elliott Cowton and Tony Witts discuss how they hatched the concept and laid the original plans for Rodos Quay and Meonstohe Sidings. They show you how to take a theme or an idea and develop it into a railway layout with a purpose.

Presenter: Elliott Cowton      

The Big Finescale Debate

Three of the ModelRailway.tv team get together to talk Finescale. Elliott Cowton is in the shed with Tony Witts and Chris Nevard.

Presenter: Elliott Cowton      

Building a Parkside Dundas Wagon Kit: Episode 1

Elliott Cowton builds a 16 ton british railways mineral wagon kit using Parkside Dundas kit PC21.

Presenter: Elliott Cowton      

Nictun Borrud Operation: Episode 2

A look at the detail of the Nictun Borrud layout with a selection of rolling stock in action.

Presenter: Elliott Cowton       Part of Series

Test Track Tools

What's the most important thing you need when laying a track? Elliot tells us on this tool tour - and whoever said 'hammer', go to the back of the class!

Presenter: Elliott Cowton      

West Meon Viaduct Layout

Take 10,000 bits of plastic, eight months of your life, and a passion for the subject. You end up with a scale model of the West Meon Viaduct.

Presenter: Elliott Cowton      

Surface Point Motors

The MRTV demonstration board comes out again as Elliott and Nigel look at how we can control the points on our layout by surface mounting the motors.

Presenter: Elliott Cowton