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Nictun Borrud Disassembly: Episode 3

Join Nigel as the clock is ticking for Geoff Elliot, as we see how quickly such an extensive layout can be packed up and put away.

Presenter: Geoff Elliot       Part of Series

Baseboard Construction: Episode 2

In episode 2 of baseboard construction as Geoff Elliott moves on to gluing the end frames. Check out the first part of this project for detailed instructions.

Presenter: Geoff Elliot       Part of Series

Nictun Borrud Introduction: Episode 1

The first in a series of programmes about the Fareham Club's Nictun Borrud layout - and we reveal the secret behind the name.

Presenter: Geoff Elliot       Part of Series

Introduction to Baseboards

If running your track round the lounge carpet is beginning to irk your other half, it's time for a baseboard. Geoff Elliott points the way.

Presenter: Geoff Elliot      

Equipment Review Class 67

Nigel Overington and Geoff Elliott review the impressive Hornby Class 67 teamed with the South West digital sound chip.

Presenter: Geoff Elliot      

Tools for Modelling

Geoff Elliott reveals the secrets of his toolbox and explains exactly what you'll need when starting on a project.

Presenter: Geoff Elliot      

Making a Module

Take one folding paste table and create part of a simple modular layout, ideal for beginners. Geoff Elliott guides us through the first steps.

Presenter: Geoff Elliot      

Baseboard Construction: Episode 1

Nigel is joined by Geoff Elliott to show us how to construct baseboards for your layout. Follow along as we learn how in detail.

Presenter: Geoff Elliot       Part of Series