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How to Protect Your Hidden Sidings

How to stop your trains running into buffer stops or off the end of the track. Also a useful device to know when a train has reached the end of the hidden siding.

Presenter: Tony Witts      

The Perfect Solder

Tony Witts demonstrates the procedure and techniques to add power to your track - his preferred method is soldering direct on to the rails.

Presenter: Tony Witts      

Tools for Soldering

Ever been tempted to throw your soldering iron through the shed window? You can end those frustrations with the right tools as Tony Witts explains.

Presenter: Tony Witts      

Making a Track Tester

You've got your track set up, but how do you prove it's properly connected? Our electronics expert has the answer with his home-made tester.

Presenter: Tony Witts      

Motorising Signals and Crossings

Working signals always feature high up on modellers' wish lists. Tony Witts explains how to make your wishes come true.

Presenter: Tony Witts