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Airbrush Components: Episode 2

Different nozzels and manufacturers will affect the first steps of your painting. This stage will get you closer to your preliminary paint job.

Presenter: Robin Baker       Part of Series

Airbrush Applying the Undercoat: Episode 3

Robin Baker demonstrates the basic application of undercoat from an aerosol can and talks about the pro's and con's of this technique.

Presenter: Robin Baker       Part of Series

Airbrush Equipment: Episode 1

Follow along with Nigel, joined by Robin Baker who lays out the tools needed when airbrushing your model railway kits, and see which ones are best.

Presenter: Robin Baker       Part of Series

Preparing for Painting

Robin Baker joins us again at the studio in the second episode of airbrushing and lays out the preparations before you start.

Presenter: Robin Baker